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Hello...I'm Greg - an English Coach/Mentor,
Entrepreneur, CEO, Husband, and Father

Hello, my name is Greg. Like you, I have learned a foreign language, and know what it requires to get fluent and master the language. 12 years ago, I learned Korean. Through hard work and following the right program, I became fluent within 6 months.

Currently, I can speak like a native Korean. I have learned so much from my experiences and want to share them with you as you study English.

Through the process of learning Korean, I discovered how to get perfect pronunciation, and I want to share with you the system that can help you get perfect English pronunciation.

I understand how you feel. English is a difficult language - I know, it's even difficult for me sometimes. However, through this simple system, you too can learn perfect English pronunciation just like a native. I give you my assurance.


why You Should Improve
Your English Pronunciation

Understanding WHY will motivate you to get
what you deserve --- perfect pronunciation

- Without proper pronunciation, Americans cannot understand you.
- It can be frustrating.
- You are missing out on great opportunities.
- Learning perfect pronunciation may seem too difficult.
- It can take a long time to learn to speak fluently if you study the wrong methods.
- Getting an English tutor is too expensive.


- This course will correct your bad pronunciation.
- You will get perfect pronunciation.
- The techniques in this course are proven - all the best speakers are using them.
- It's easier than you think - anyone can do it.
- It only requires 5 minutes of practice each day.
- We guarantee that your pronunciation will improve.


The Perfect English
Pronunciation Program

This program has everything you need to get perfect English pronunciation.
It is the only program you will ever need!


Works for Everyone

Our pronunciation training works for all English learners, for every level and all ages - beginner, basic, intermediate, advanced. The training program will help you get perfect English pronunciation.

Only 5 minutes a day

No more long hours of studying. With only 5 minutes practice each day, you can boost your pronunciation and gain confidence in speaking.

Improve Quicker

You will feel results sooner. This guaranteed program will quickly improve your pronunciation. There is no need to spend years studying. No need to live in America. All you need is this program, and you can perfect your English pronunciation.

Professional Support

We are here for you. If you join the program, you will get VIP support to help answer your questions and assist you with your pronunciation.


how our program works

Understanding HOW the program works will give
you knowledge to use the techniques very effectively

5 Steps to Perfect Pronunciation

1) Learn ALL the sounds in the English language

We show you how to properly pronounce each sound in a video.

2) Listen to the 20-most common words

You will get to hear and practice the most common words for each sound.

This will ensure you pronounce all the basic words perfectly.

3) Listen to side-by-side comparison of commonly missed sounds

There are some sounds that sound very similar to others.

This practice will ensure you get exact pronunciation.

4) Practice tongue twisters for each sound

You get to hear tongue twisters for each sound...they are said slowly and quickly.

Tongue twisters are the most highly effective method for increasing your speaking ability to sound natural.

5) Record yourself and compare your pronunciation with a native speaker

An audio recorder is provided on the website.

You can fix your own pronunciation without the need for a tutor.

You can also download and save your recordings...a fun way to keep track and compare with others or yourself.



English Academy 2k is the best online program - hands down! The teachers are amazing - they are very helpful and fun to work with. Through their English pronunciation training classes, my pronunciation has improved so much! And I finally have confidence to speak English with Americans. I have traveled in the U.S. and Europe, and was able to use my English with no problem. I couldn't have done it without the training here at English Academy 2k. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for the best and easiest English training/classes. Tell Greg I say hi!

- Hyunju Lee
Seoul, South Korea


I believe that learning English should not be expensive.
Many people around the world cannot afford English lessons....

I understand

Which is why I have decided to make this course as cheap as possible.
I am sticking with the theme of a famous store - the Dollar Store.
So, you can signup and receive unlimited access to the course for only $1 per month.


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